The Wilco In Their Natural Habitat

101 Series Lesson 19: Wilco

Hello there, students! It’s school time (again). This week’s lesson in ye olde 101 Series is a band from the great state of Chicago: the Wilco! In Lesson 19 of the 101 Series we sit down for two hours of Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt and whoever else is in the band at the time. And, you know what . . . we can hear singles on every record of theirs. Take that, Warner Bros! Only true music students and snobs such as yourselves, students, should hear it as well. 

Somewhere in a loft in Chicago a bunch of forty year old guys are making better music than your shitty band you’re in with your friends . . . click on the link to check out the songs Jeff and the guys are hammering out upstairs:

 Wilco Episode Playlist