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101 Series Lesson 136 – ACDC Asskicking!

In the mid-Neolithic Era, the Young family learned three chords and have spent millennia perfecting them. And humanity is all the better because of it. In Lesson 136 of the 101 Series, we spin the crunchiest vege-rock Australia has ever chundered. AC/DC is plugged in and electrified. Grab some lightning and hold on.


Labor Day 2019 – Songs About Work

Gather ’round all working people, it’s time to clock out for a well earned three day weekend. Let Balcony Radio soundtrack your days off with our Annual Labor Day Show. In this episode, we spin two dozen of the best rock, pop, country and soul songs about w-o-r-k. Stick it to The Man and play […]

delta 5

X-Chromosome Ep 14 – New Wave and Punk Chix

When times are tough and everything seems to be heading straight to Hell it usually means some MAN is in charge. The only way to get things done right is to let the ladies step up and hold court. For Ep 14 of our women’s showcase, X-Chromosome, we welcome two dozen rockin’ chix from Punk […]


Time For Bob Ep 14 – Deep Stuff

Bob Dylan has released 8,000,000 records over the last two hundred years. There’s so much music. Dare we say . . . too much music. Balcony Radio can only do our duty and pay respect to The Bob himself. It’s episode 14 of Time For Bob. Join us as we dip our toe into the […]

i am a butterfly

This Pill Makes You Small Ep 14 – Hippiez in Luv

Balcony Radio is down with free love, man. And woman. And everyone in between. In episode 14 of This Pill Makes You Small, we spin all the hippiest love songs we could find. In the Summer of Love you didn’t just lie in the tall grass, you roll around in it. Join us for two […]

speaker land

The FreeSpace Ep 14

Hello travelers, your ears are in good hands. It’s time for The FreeSpace, our testament to the fargone days of an ancient curiosity known as the radio deejay picking his/her own music. A small 105 min batch of the best rock, pop, and soul have been hand-picked for your studio-to-ears experience. This episode pairs well with […]


101 Series Lesson 135 – Skinhead Punk

Oh, no. The rudeboys and the skinheads are in the house. You know what that means: Balcony Radio has gone Two Tone. It’s ska time on Lesson 135 of the 101 Series. Join us as we feature the best of Skinhead Reggae from the isle of Jamaica and the Isle of England. Take the underground […]

Nat the Man

Swingtime Ep 14 – “Live” Hepcats and Hepkittens

Alright, cats and kittens, time to plunk down your $1.25 for tickets to the best show of your young lives. Prepare to have your socks, shoes, stockings knocked off by your flipped wig. For episode 14 of Swingtime we’ve got two dozen of the jazziest Big Band-era crooners this side of the Western Front doin’ […]


Soulville Ep 14

Time to get a little rhythm in your blues or a little blues in your rhythm. It’s episode #114 of Soulville, our testament to the music of Stax, Atlantic, Motown and the coolest places in between. We’ve got 90 minutes of the silkiest crooners, sweaty belters, pop and lockers and sequined divas of the 60s […]


101 Series Lesson 134 – Detroit Music

For a while there, Detroit was the center of the universe. They made the cars and they made the best music for playing in cars in Detroit. In Lesson 134 of the 101 Series, we pay special homage to the Mecca of r & b, soul, and the scuzziest rock the Midwest can offer. Gas […]