Blue Highway

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Blue Highway Ep 14

Well, howdy there, old friend. It’s time to pitch up around the old internet campfire and listen to a couple dozen bad ass country songs. In episode 14 of Blue Highway, we head back over to the weird side of the family with some of the best alt-country you can shake a bolo tie at. […]

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Blue Highway Ep 13 – Outlaw Country

America loves its outlaws. Children look up to outlaws as a symbol of defiance against grown-ups. Women love outlaws because… well, they’re outlaws. They say what they want, go where they want and do what they want. For Episode 13 of Blue Highway, our tribute to all-things Country music, we gather together the outlaws of […]


Blue Highway Ep 12 – Ladies Who Twang

Well, howdy there, cowpokes and dusty wranglers. It’s time to mosey on down to the county seat, go to the Peach Dance and listen to some mighty fine music. For episode 12 of our C&W show Blue Highway we bring to the spotlight the ladies of contemporary Americana music. They show us that country music […]


Blue Highway Ep 11: No Depression Music

Around 1991, stuff got weird. Nirvana replaced Michael Jackson on the charts, Bill Clinton played sax-a-ma-phone on that teevee show, and country music was dominated by guys in really big hats and gals with too much fringe doing too much line dancing. Then, a li’l band from the midwest called Uncle Tupelo came around and changed […]


Blue Highway Ep 10

It’s time once again to build up the campfire and get ready to tell some tall tales of the Old West. Well, maybe not too old. The music will have a somewhat contemporary feel. It’s another episode of our tribute to great country music, Blue Highway Ep 10.  Certainly enough to keep a body warm.There’s going […]

Patsy is the Fucking Best

Blue Highway Ep 9 (Country Hits of the 60s)

Country music did something pretty rebellious while the British Invasion, Motown and the Summer of Love happened: it ignored them all. And you know what, that might be for the better. In episode 9 of Blue Highway we focus on all the songs that topped the C & W charts, (and, in some cases, crossed […]

More Country Than This . . . No

Blue Highway Ep 8 (“Live” Performances)

Well, hello there again, partners . . . it’s time for another fix of country sounds to stick under your hat. In episode 8 of Blue Highway, our tribute to Americana roots music, we sit back and enjoy some first class picking and strumming. Maybe you should loosen up your boots and get comfortable . […]

Tammy et George

Blue Highway Ep 7: Duets

There is an old saying which says “Two heads are better than one.” In music, two voices are better than one, especially in country music. For episode 7 of our country and folk series Blue Highway we bring together great voices for some classic duets, both long lasting pairings and short-lived one-time performances. Listen to […]

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Blue Highway Ep 6 The Grand Ole Opry

There are few traditions left in radio these days. Some that began in the “early days” of radio remain intact – bad advertising, A Prairie Home Companion, and Saturday nights at The Grand Ole Opry. For Episode 6 of our country and folk music show Blue Highway, we listen to great performances from a Hall […]

Lester, Earl, the boys

Blue Highway Ep 5

When the spurs are janglin’ and the John Deere keys are jinglin’ it’s because dosey-do time at the Balcony has come again. Saddle up for the fifth episode in our toast to Americana: the Blue Highway. In this show we mosey into the studio for two hours of songs about old time religion, America, moms, […]