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From The Board Ep 14 – “Live” in the 90s

You bought the ticket. You paid for the surcharge. But then you remembered that it’s better to stay home. In Episode 14 of From the Board, our testament to the ‘live’ album, we save you the cost of parking and bring the music to you. For this installment, we focus on all the flannel shirt […]

brass otis

From The Board Ep 13

The tickets are in hand. The surcharge has been grudgingly paid. Drinks were had in the parking lot. It’s time to rock. Here at Balcony Radio we know you’re too lazy to do all that. So, we bring the show to you. In episode 13 of From the Board we play a couple dozen live […]


From The Board Ep 12-“Live” From The 70s

There has been a big move of late for the preservation of ‘live’ concerts as the best way to experience your favorite artist. Back in the 70s there were lots of TV shows dedicated to the late-night rock and roll needs of the average white punk on dope. For episode 12 of our tribute to ‘live’ […]

caution live animals

From The Board Ep 11: The British Invasion

Once upon a time there was a band. They were from Liverpool. They ran around England playing music and made a lot of girls scream. Soon, they went to America and played music and made more girls scream. Shortly thereafter, lots of other bands from England wanted to do the same thing and played concerts […]

Madonna Live as Fuck

From the Board Ep 10 (Live in the 80s!)

Alright. We got the tickets, money for parking, and we’re already buzzed. Time for a concert! In episode 10 of our live music programme From the Board, we take it back to the 80s for two hours of hairspray and glitter in your rock and roll. Join us as we spin some rare live performances […]

Otis Is Worth The Ticketmaster Surcharge

From the Board Ep 9

Alright! We got the tickets, parking money, a flask, a couple joints and ate before the show. We’re ready for a goddamn concert! In episode 9 of our “live” music programme From the Board we’ve got 2 dozen classic live tracks for your ass. This time we’re featuring all the great “live” records you bought […]

Woodstock 1969

From the Board Ep 8: Live at Woodstock

For a couple of days in August 1969 about three hundred thousand dirty hippies occupied a rural upstate New York farming community . . . people died, people were born, brown acid was eaten and some of the greatest rock and roll ever played before a live audience happened. In the eighth edition of our […]

Cafe What

From The Board Ep 7 Coffee House Folk

Through smoke and haze, the aroma of cappuccino (there’s also espresso, if you prefer) and something that doesn’t smell like tobacco, is a dusty stage with a single microphone and a stool. A singer with bad skin and bad clothes is warbling an old folk song about a train ride through snowy mountains and hitchhiking on an […]


From The Board Ep 6 (200th show)

200TH EPISODE! 200TH EPISODE!! 200TH EPISODE!!! This program is a milestone in the history of BalconyRadio. We’ve reached our Bicentennial. 199 shows ago we were just beginning to crawl out of the internet digital stew as a little stream trickling through some cheap software. Now we’ve reached a special birthday and we’re going to ring […]

The Motherfucking Pixies

From The Board Ep 5

We’ve all done it . . . we all heard the lead singer say, “Here’s one from the new record,” and then head off to the bathroom or to track down a $14 beer. But, that’s part of the joy of going to concert. (Along with contact highs and ringing ears.) In episode 5 of […]