I Remember That

The original caption for this picture read: Disc jockey Dick Clark, at podium at upper left, is surrounded by teen-age fans on his nationally televised dance show "American Bandstand" in Philadelphia, Pa. on June 30, 1958. Clark, the show's 28-year-old host, plays rock and roll records during the show that features dancing. (Associated Press)

I Remember That! Ep 14

Alrighty, guys, gals & pals, it’s time to switch that radio dial over to Balcony Radio. This week we’ve got the sweetest sounds that flipped your grandparent’s wigs. Kick off your loafers and hop on your socks to I Remember That Ep. 14, the oldies show that is too hip to quit, too hot to […]

sterling radio

I Remember That! Ep 13

In a world where everything you here on the radio is governed by the decisions of focus groups, demographic examinations and the ratio of sales of electrons vs. something you can hold in your hand it becomes increasingly difficult to hear any music prior to 1984. The old fogies in the listening audience have to […]


I Remember That Ep 12

It’s time now to jump into the musical time machine and travel to the era when singers sang, musicians played, and Auto-Tune was a function on your car radio to find the next station’s signal. This is I Remember That episode 12, the show that brings back the golden oldie and a few 7 inch […]


I Remember That Ep 11

What’s the greatest music ever made? Mozart? Beethoven? Jazz? Gershwin? At Balcony Radio, we cast our votes for 3 minute pop songs recording between 1955-1970. You don’t need “Ode to Joy” when you’ve got “Doo Wah Diddy.” Believe us. In episode 11 of our oldies revue show I Remember That, we spin some of the […]


I Remember That! Ep 10 – The Year 1955

Hey, everybody! Time to get ready for a rockin’ good time. Or at least, back to just before the rockin’ began. Some time near the middle of the last century there was some drift in a few things. And it started in 1955. For episode 10 of our look at the best in oldies but […]

The Platters harmonizing

I Remember That Ep 9 (Pure Doo-Wop)

Before Chuck Berry, before Elvis, before the Beatles, rock and roll had a different sound. The sax was the lead instrument, the voices did all the work a Wall of Sound could, and Doo Wop knocked your bobby socks off. In episode 9 of I Remember That, we get into the ol’ way back machine […]

Eddie Cochran

I Remember That Ep 8: Rockabilly Time!

Well, hey there hip cats, hot ladies, and all you kiddies that make the world go ROCK-BAM-BOOM!! Time to grease back your DA or put on that pretty pink party dress. There’s some rockin’ coming at ya! It’s episode 8 of our rock ‘n’ roll rerun show I Remember That and this week we step […]

Eddie Cochran at wooooork

I Remember That Ep 7 (Hardcore Oldies)

Every once in a while you need to listen to some oldies. Tunes that are older than 30-35 years that now defines the lost art of oldies radio. For episode 7 of our oldies show I Remember That we go to the ringers – the mashers – the heavy hitters that hit home runs every […]

The really big shoe

I Remember That Ep 6 – Live on The Ed Sullivan Show

Sunday nights from 1949 to 1971 there was only one place on the dial to watch live music . . . and everyone showed up. From Doris Day to the Jackson 5. The man who hosted this shindig: America’s uncool uncle, Mr. Ed Sullivan. Tune in and heat up that frozen TV dinner in the […]

Socks Are Hopped

I Remember That Ep 5

You’ve heard all the big hits by all the great artists. Now it’s time to listen to some of the deeper tracks and hits from those same great artists. I Remember That is the oldies show that listens to all the great pre-Beatles music that your older relatives held near and dear to their hearts. […]