The original caption for this picture read: Disc jockey Dick Clark, at podium at upper left, is surrounded by teen-age fans on his nationally televised dance show "American Bandstand" in Philadelphia, Pa. on June 30, 1958. Clark, the show's 28-year-old host, plays rock and roll records during the show that features dancing. (Associated Press)

I Remember That! Ep 14

Alrighty, guys, gals & pals, it’s time to switch that radio dial over to Balcony Radio. This week we’ve got the sweetest sounds that flipped your grandparent’s wigs. Kick off your loafers and hop on your socks to I Remember That Ep. 14, the oldies show that is too hip to quit, too hot to stop and doesn’t jibe with all that jive. Tonight, its nearly two hours of swingin’, boppin’, rockin’ and hoppin’ to get the dance floor burning. Fire extinguishers provided at the door! 

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