Trailer Park Boys – Quite possibly the greatest television show ever.

John Peel – One of our forefathers.

Frank Zappa – Scott’s favorite.

Bob Dylan – Anthony’s favorite.

Nikola Tesla – Genius? Crazy person? Both? (Yes.)

Tom Waits – One of our favorites.

Grant Keller – For spot-on internet creation and media manipulation.

Artwork by Jennifer – When leaving a job, Anthony made off with a box of her cards.

Scott’s friend Derek owns these two stations in New Mexico: KMIN & KDSK



Rockaway Records – Serving Silverlake long before the hipsters arrived.

Amoeba Records – The only great recrod store in souther California left.

Canterbury Records – A nice, well-lit place in Pasadena to buy music.

Rasputin’s Records – The one in Pleasant Hill is next to a Blondie’s Pizza. Location location location.

The Independent Record Store Directory

Coalition of Independent Music Stores

Wolfgang’s Vault – The best music site on earth.

The Principality of Sealand – The Balcony is the unofficial radio station of Sealand.



Science for Society – Our friend Kim’s webiste.

Mojo Magazine – The world’s greatest music magazine. Worth the $10. 

Uncut Magazine – The world’s second greatest music magazine. Almost worth the $10.

Net Neutrality


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