Soulville Ep 12 – The 50s

Once again, it’s time to fill up your tank with soul. In episode 12 of Souville, we testify to some of the best r&b that ever got pressed to wax. This week, we spin a mix-tape worth of the best 50’s movers, shakers, weepers and make out starters we could find.


Songs From The Yard Ep 12

It’s a nice time of year to book a very special cruise to some faraway islands. A place where the air has a special aroma, the trees sway a little bit slower and the sounds of one type of music is everywhere. That island would be Jamaica and the tunes courtesy of the genre know […]


Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 12 – The ’80s

The 80s are known for many things: MTV, spandex, that blotch on Gorby’s head, Madonna, the Moonwalk, malls, cocaine, and New Coke. In episode 12 of Sock Rockin’ Beats we prove that maybe the 80s should be known for r-a-w-q. The decade gets a bad rap, but we dig out 2 dozen of the most […]


Off The Wall Ep 12

It’s that time of the weekend when you call your best friend to come over and listen to some new records you bought. Your best friend says, “I got some, too!”, and comes over with a stack of records they bought. For episode 12 of Off The Wall, our show dedicated to the vinyl LP, […]


Long Song Silver Ep 12

Every once in awhile a person needs to take time to stretch out. For episode 12 of our tribute to the extended track of 10 minutes or more Long Song Silver we, once again, try to find some neutral ground between self-indulgent improvisation and self-indulgent wankery. Whether we cleanly strike the iron or completely miss […]


I Remember That Ep 12

It’s time now to jump into the musical time machine and travel to the era when singers sang, musicians played, and Auto-Tune was a function on your car radio to find the next station’s signal. This is I Remember That episode 12, the show that brings back the golden oldie and a few 7 inch […]


High Tea With The Beatles Ep 12

The Beatles aren’t just the greatest band ever . . . they’re also four solid solo careers. John, Paul, Jorge y Ringo all had solo hits and released more material on their own than you know about. In episode 12 of High Tea With the Beatles, we put together a rather fine melange of solo and band […]


Have The Rolling Stones Killed Ep 12 “LIVE”

The staff at Balcony Radio has seen many live concert performances. A glaring omission is that no one here has seen the Stones in concert. So, for episode 12 of Have the Rolling Stones Killed we do the next best thing . . . we put together our own killer show. All the tracks you […]

45s scattered

Gimme Back My Song Ep 12

Copyright law can be a very complicated realm do business within. What actually is a violation of copyright and the ownership of intellectual property are topics best left to the people who make a lot of money in those industries. For episode 12 of our tribute to the cover version Gimme Back My Song it […]


From The Board Ep 12-“Live” From The 70s

There has been a big move of late for the preservation of ‘live’ concerts as the best way to experience your favorite artist. Back in the 70s there were lots of TV shows dedicated to the late-night rock and roll needs of the average white punk on dope. For episode 12 of our tribute to ‘live’ […]