X-Chromosome Ep 12 – Ladies Of Now

This generation doesn’t have an MJ, a Springsteen or a Jagger . . . but it does have a St. Vincent, a Lorde, a Courtney Barnett and multiple gals named Haim. Sounds like a good trade off to us. It’s once again ladies’ night on the Balcony, where we spin two dozen songs from the […]


Time For Bob Ep 12 – Duets

If you’re Bob Dylan and have been touring since the last ice age, you’re bound to run into some other musicians on the road. Or, every musician worth note in the past half century, in Bob’s case. Join us for ep 12 of Time for Bob, where the Man shares the Mic. In this program […]

Rocks Skellies

Halloween 2017

Gather round all you goblins, Balcony Radio has all the music to get your black cat’s hair on end. It’s our favorite time of year . . . ghosts, witches, an excuse to eat fun sized chocolate by the fist full. Join us, if you dare, for our annual ghastly music soiree. Pour the absinthe, […]


This Pill Makes You Small Ep 12

The Cosmos can be a very interesting place to explore. Lots of of stars and planets and invisible electric fields. You can add lots random space junk that comes floating by every rotation or two. Episode 12 of This Pill Makes You Small can be used as a trippy soundtrack to bopping around your local […]

cate lebon

The Free Space Ep 12

The best kind of music is the kind that’s hand-picked. We at Balcony Radio provide some small patch of quality music listening on the regular, but this show is some special stuff. Here is our testament to old school FM radio: The FreeSpace. For episode 12, one dj picks half the songs, the other dj […]


Swingtime Ep 12 – Big Band Time!

Ok, now, all you top cats and hot chicks! Time to get on down to the local armory and kick up your heels to some sweet big band sounds on Swingtime Ep 12. For this installment we get up close to the bandstand and listen to some of the biggest names in Swing. The crowd […]


Soulville Ep 12 – The 50s

Once again, it’s time to fill up your tank with soul. In episode 12 of Souville, we testify to some of the best r&b that ever got pressed to wax. This week, we spin a mix-tape worth of the best 50’s movers, shakers, weepers and make out starters we could find.


Songs From The Yard Ep 12

It’s a nice time of year to book a very special cruise to some faraway islands. A place where the air has a special aroma, the trees sway a little bit slower and the sounds of one type of music is everywhere. That island would be Jamaica and the tunes courtesy of the genre know […]


Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 12 – The ’80s

The 80s are known for many things: MTV, spandex, that blotch on Gorby’s head, Madonna, the Moonwalk, malls, cocaine, and New Coke. In episode 12 of Sock Rockin’ Beats we prove that maybe the 80s should be known for r-a-w-q. The decade gets a bad rap, but we dig out 2 dozen of the most […]


Off The Wall Ep 12

It’s that time of the weekend when you call your best friend to come over and listen to some new records you bought. Your best friend says, “I got some, too!”, and comes over with a stack of records they bought. For episode 12 of Off The Wall, our show dedicated to the vinyl LP, […]