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Time For Bob Ep 13

Many artists in this world have very large catalogs of music to wade through. Some so large that it would take a lifetime to even scratch the surface to fully appreciate. Others you can get through in a pack of Marlboro Reds. Others deserve a regular show to fully appreciate the deeper tracks of said […]


This Pill Makes You Small Ep 13

Everyone once in a while, you trip over a mushroom in a field. It happened to us and we found two dozen trippy-ass songs. They had spores all over them. We touched the spores. We can’t feel our fingers. We listened to these songs. We can’t feel our ears. There are sounds in the colors […]

spotlight on me

101 Series Lesson 127 – Songs About Musicians

Respect (r-e-s-p-e-c-t sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me) in the music business is hard to come by. You gotsta earn that, mang. Having someone cover your song is a sign . . . having someone write a song about you? Nothing says love more than having to get a […]

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The Free Space Ep 13

Hey! You! Yeah. You. The one that needs to hear good music. We got something for ya. It’s called 111 mins. of the best music you’re going to hear all week. It’s called the Free Space and for episode 13, we packed a can of two dozen earworms from several genres for your tympanic membranes […]


Swingtime Ep 13

Before hitting on the one. Before there was a back beat you could blues. Before Elvis found a place to dwell. Before all that: it was Swingtime. In episode 13 of our testament to the best pre-rock music we can find, we spin 90 minutes of the best traditional pop, jazz, standards, and swing-a-ding-ding we […]


Soulville Ep 13 – “Live” From The 70s

Rhythm is okay on it’s own. Blues has done pretty good for itself. When you put them together, however, you get something special: SOUL! In episode 13 of Soulville we save up our nickels and dimes for tickets to the best r&b concert you never heard. This week we focus on live music of the […]

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Songs From The Yard Ep 13 – “Live” Tonight!

These are the days when the sun is a little bit warmer and the days get a little longer. You need to have the continuous party mood living on into the night. For episode 13 of our tribute to the fine genre of Reggae we keep the party rolling along with some “live” Reggae music […]

The Runaways performing at CBGB in New York City on August 2, 1976.
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Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 13

You know what time it is. It is time to r-a-w-q. It’s episode 13 of Sock Rockin’ Beats and we have a pallet of ear crunchers to deliver to your brainz. This week we make it a “live” gig as we head to the stages of the world. Join us for two hours of songs […]


Off The Wall Ep 13

Ok. It’s time once again to put away the CDs, iPods, iPhones and what-have-you digital toys and make our way down to the basement vault. You know which vault. The one where grandpa hides his records from us so we don’t warp ’em. For episode 13 of our salute to the vinyl record, Off The […]


Long Song Silver Ep 13

Do you ever say to yourself, “There aren’t enough hours in the day to get my SH!T done!”? Have you been waiting in line at the fast-food joint, waiting for your egg-thing sandwich, hearing a clock ticking the seconds away in your head? We completely understand and have created Long Song Silver, the program featuring […]