101 Series Lesson 125 – UnHappy Valentines, B**ch! (or B***ard!)

There are many times during the year when we pay tribute to our better halves. Whether it’s a male or female there is always a special way to show them how you feel. But every once in awhile you need to just blow off some steam and get a little hostile. For Lesson 125 of […]

rock mural

101 Series Lesson 124 – Old Vets, New Tracks

Rock ‘n’ Roll artists start out their careers writing lots of songs, having lots of concerts and selling lots of records that turn into gold. So, as gold records transitions into Golden Years, many artists continue to write, record and give concerts. For Lesson 124 of the 101 Series, we bring together the old vets […]


Deez Rhymes Ep 13

Hip hop is for the people. But, you know . . . it’s not for everyone. In episode 13 of Deez Rhymes we spin the jams that will get heads bobbing no matter the crowd. Drop in and join us for 90 mins of jams even the haterz will luv. (I.e,, Anthony plays songs Scott […]


101 Series Lesson 123 – Taking Back The Covers

Once the song is written . . . who owns it? The person who wrote it? The person who sang it? The guy who owns the publishing company? Us? In Lesson 123 of the 101 Series, we take a deep dive into cover songs. How deep? Back to the original version. Love Jimi’s “All Along […]

waylon j

Blue Highway Ep 13 – Outlaw Country

America loves its outlaws. Children look up to outlaws as a symbol of defiance against grown-ups. Women love outlaws because… well, they’re outlaws. They say what they want, go where they want and do what they want. For Episode 13 of Blue Highway, our tribute to all-things Country music, we gather together the outlaws of […]


101 Series Lesson 122 – BalconyRadio’s Best of 2017

A dumpster fire of a year has come to an end. Mercifully. But, Balcony Radio has a little something something for you: some of the best music released over the last 365 days. So, let’s not talk about immigration or touching people funny or taking too many pills or . . . . . . […]


BalconyRadio 42nd Annual Christmas Special 2017 – At The Mall

This year has brought out of the humbugs, but BalconyRadio has the cure for that: stuffing your stocking with music. In our 37th Annual Christmas Pageant we spin only holiday jams that deserve to be wrapped and topped with a bow. Spike the nog real good and join your two favorite music elves up on […]


X-Chromosome Ep 12 – Ladies Of Now

This generation doesn’t have an MJ, a Springsteen or a Jagger . . . but it does have a St. Vincent, a Lorde, a Courtney Barnett and multiple gals named Haim. Sounds like a good trade off to us. It’s once again ladies’ night on the Balcony, where we spin two dozen songs from the […]


Time For Bob Ep 12 – Duets

If you’re Bob Dylan and have been touring since the last ice age, you’re bound to run into some other musicians on the road. Or, every musician worth note in the past half century, in Bob’s case. Join us for ep 12 of Time for Bob, where the Man shares the Mic. In this program […]

Rocks Skellies

Halloween 2017

Gather round all you goblins, Balcony Radio has all the music to get your black cat’s hair on end. It’s our favorite time of year . . . ghosts, witches, an excuse to eat fun sized chocolate by the fist full. Join us, if you dare, for our annual ghastly music soiree. Pour the absinthe, […]