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BalconyRadio Christmas Party 2018

The bells are ringing . . . but you know what, the drums are pounding, the bass is thumping, and the guitar is twanging. That means it is time for your favorite thing: the 103rd Annual Balcony Radio Christmas Music Extravaganza. Join us as we take all the coal in the stocking and squeeze them […]


101Series Lesson 129 – The Best Music of 2018

“Fill the mead cup, drain the barrel, fa la la lala, lala la la…”. Another year has come and gone. What did 2018 bring? Let’s see . . . Movies kinda sucked. News sucked. Weather sucked. Network tv suuuuucked. Books weren’t that great. But, you know what . . . Music did ai’ight. Join Balcony […]

Hasil Adkins

Dusty Gems Ep 14

Well, its that time again . . . we’re thumbing our ears down some of the more unknown highways and biways of music. Join us for episode 14 of Dusty Gems, our tribute to music makers who weren’t exactly world shakers. We’re spinning two dozen of the best songs you’ve never heard of by people […]

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101 Series Lesson 128 – Punks on Cows!

In the liner notes to the Anthology of American Folk Music, Greil Marcus wrote that the country and blues music from the Civil War to the 20s represented the “old, weird America.” Here at Balcony Radio, we believe that times don’t change . . . people that kick over cow patties are fucking bizarro. In […]


Deez Rhymes Ep 14

It’s time for some new fools take you to the old skool. Balcony Radio is in full effect/affect, spinning two dozen dope ass jams. Pack that bowl and get ready for episode 14 of Deez Rhymes to spin your Kangol. Turn up the bass, turn down the lights and spin this. Stat.

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Blue Highway Ep 14

Well, howdy there, old friend. It’s time to pitch up around the old internet campfire and listen to a couple dozen bad ass country songs. In episode 14 of Blue Highway, we head back over to the weird side of the family with some of the best alt-country you can shake a bolo tie at. […]

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HALLOWEEN!! 2018!! Music Party

OOOOOOOOHHHH!!! The Ghosts! The Goblins! The scary apparitions appearing in your windows! They’re all here tonight as BalconyRadio presents HALLOWEEN 2018 Music Party. We’ve got on our special costumes and we’re ready to appear at your door to SCARE you and rock you just a little bit. Our punch is spiked and our candy has […]


X-Chromosome Ep 13

And now we come to the end of another round of shows. Where better to finish than Girl World? It’s episode 13 of X Chromosome, our testament to songs performed by the ladeeeeez. We’ve got two dozen pop, rock, jazz, soul, and country songs classed up by the dame on the mic. Or sassed up […]

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Time For Bob Ep 13

Many artists in this world have very large catalogs of music to wade through. Some so large that it would take a lifetime to even scratch the surface to fully appreciate. Others you can get through in a pack of Marlboro Reds. Others deserve a regular show to fully appreciate the deeper tracks of said […]


This Pill Makes You Small Ep 13

Everyone once in a while, you trip over a mushroom in a field. It happened to us and we found two dozen trippy-ass songs. They had spores all over them. We touched the spores. We can’t feel our fingers. We listened to these songs. We can’t feel our ears. There are sounds in the colors […]