Off The Wall


Off The Wall Ep 13

Ok. It’s time once again to put away the CDs, iPods, iPhones and what-have-you digital toys and make our way down to the basement vault. You know which vault. The one where grandpa hides his records from us so we don’t warp ’em. For episode 13 of our salute to the vinyl record, Off The […]


Off The Wall Ep 12

It’s that time of the weekend when you call your best friend to come over and listen to some new records you bought. Your best friend says, “I got some, too!”, and comes over with a stack of records they bought. For episode 12 of Off The Wall, our show dedicated to the vinyl LP, […]


Off The Wall Ep 11

Well, it’s time to go back to the massive and awesome library of vinyl packed away nicely in the BalconyRadio record shelves and have a couple hours of fun on Off The Wall episode 11. This is our tribute to the beauty and wonder of vinyl records. We go to the shelves on the air […]

ikea crash

Off The Wall Ep 10

Oh, boy! It’s time to head downstairs to the basement and turn on the record player. Gonna pull some records off the shelves and see where the needle lands. It’s time for the show that pays tribute to the vinyl LP, Off The Wall, and for episode 10 we go right to Dad’s record shelves and […]


Off The Wall Ep 9

Once upon a time, a teenager bought a thing called a record. It was made of PVC, also known as vinyl. It was wrapped in a big paper covering with pretty pictures on it. The teenager liked the record so much he bought 3,000 more just like it. Our show Off The Wall is a […]

Scott's records

Off The Wall Ep 8 (Pulling Them As We Don’t See Them)

Sometimes you have to throw away a couple rules, break the Fourth Wall, and try something a bit different – take a few chances and see what develops. For episode 8 of our tribute to long-playing vinyl Off The Wall your hosts take it directly to the wall. We take the mic off the stand […]


Off The Wall Ep 7 12 Inch Pleasures

When you’ve had a hard day you want to come home to a little pleasure. You need some satisfaction to ease the stress and strain. You want something that’s different and warm and lasts a little longer. For episode 7 of our tribute to our vinyl record collection, Off The Wall, we give you the […]

Old What . . . School

Off The Wall Ep 6: The Music People album

Once again, we wonder off into the smokey world of shellac . . . For the sixth time we drop the needle in the groove in our vinyl-only show, Off The Wall. In this episode we focus on one 3-record set called The Music People. It’s a collection of artists that were on the Columbia label […]

Vinyl Records

Off the Wall Ep 5: Warner Brothers Comps Pt. 1

Time now to go back to our vinyl archives. This is Off The Wall Episode 5 our journey through the vast and myriad vinyl collection stored here in The BalconyRadio vaults and studio. We knew exactly what needed to be done to follow up the last episode dedicated to Warner Brothers – play more! So […]

Gramawhataphone . .

Off the Wall Ep 4

There are several things you can find in the Balcony Radio studio. Mics, shitty board, computers, two chairs (one swivel, one wood and needing to be replaced), lots of stolen office supplies, a rug and four thousand vinyl records. Some of these we put to good use . . . in this episode we pull […]