Easier than using your fingers.

Off The Wall Ep 2

When you have too much vinyl (like us!) you want to play it as often as possible (like us!). And when it begins to overtake the entire living area of your home then you want to show it off (like us!). So, now we present our second installment in our love and devotion to the little spinning black circle with the spiral scratch and the big hole in the center. We pull out a stack of 45s from the little mid-century box of records and play them straight from the turntable. Off The Wall Episode 2 will have needle drops, scratchy vinyl and great songs from the vintage vinyl archives. It’s like an afternoon with your friends in the basement. Mom, can you make some S’mores?

Watch the black circle spin and spin and spin and spin . . . and then click on the link to check out the digital versions of the vinyl shellac:

 Off The Wall #2 Episode Playlist

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