101 Series

hell load

101 Series Lesson 136 – ACDC Asskicking!

In the mid-Neolithic Era, the Young family learned three chords and have spent millennia perfecting them. And humanity is all the better because of it. In Lesson 136 of the 101 Series, we spin the crunchiest vege-rock Australia has ever chundered. AC/DC is plugged in and electrified. Grab some lightning and hold on.


101 Series Lesson 135 – Skinhead Punk

Oh, no. The rudeboys and the skinheads are in the house. You know what that means: Balcony Radio has gone Two Tone. It’s ska time on Lesson 135 of the 101 Series. Join us as we feature the best of Skinhead Reggae from the isle of Jamaica and the Isle of England. Take the underground […]


101 Series Lesson 134 – Detroit Music

For a while there, Detroit was the center of the universe. They made the cars and they made the best music for playing in cars in Detroit. In Lesson 134 of the 101 Series, we pay special homage to the Mecca of r & b, soul, and the scuzziest rock the Midwest can offer. Gas […]


101 Series Lesson 133 – Songs About “The Famous”

It’s very easy these days to join up with or invent your own cult. There are cults that are based on religion, politics, business, sports, cities and revolution. For lesson 133 of the 101 Series we focus on the Cult of Personality as we listen to songs written about famous people. The songs vary from […]

in socks

101 Series Lesson 132 – Teen Idols

Back in the 50s and 60s, everyone (especially¬†teenage girls) looked forward to the Saturday night sock hop. It’s where you could meet your local DJ, drink bad punch, makeout under the bleachers in the gym and listen to your favorite star lip-sync to their latest scratchy record. For Lesson 132 of the 101 Series we […]

todd and hall and oates

101 Series Lesson 131 – Bands From Philly

Philadelphia is famous for a few things: a shitty bell, a fictional fighter, the worst sports fans on earth, heart-attack inducing cuisine . . . oh, and some of the best goddamn music produced in America. In Lesson 131 of the 101 Series, we get learnt on rock, pop, hip hop and soul from two […]

Microphone on stage closeup on a blurred background.

101 Series Lesson 130 – Stand-Up Room Only, Vol. 4

At Balcony Radio there is one thing you can say for certain: we remember laughter. One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century was the comedy album. For Lesson 130 of the 101 Series we put away the guitars and drums and pic up the water bottle and the scribbly notebook. It’s comedy night […]


101Series Lesson 129 – The Best Music of 2018

“Fill the mead cup, drain the barrel, fa la la lala, lala la la…”. Another year has come and gone. What did 2018 bring? Let’s see . . . Movies kinda sucked. News sucked. Weather sucked. Network tv suuuuucked. Books weren’t that great. But, you know what . . . Music did ai’ight. Join Balcony […]

cow punk death

101 Series Lesson 128 – Punks on Cows!

In the liner notes to the Anthology of American Folk Music, Greil Marcus wrote that the country and blues music from the Civil War to the 20s represented the “old, weird America.” Here at Balcony Radio, we believe that times don’t change . . . people that kick over cow patties are fucking bizarro. In […]

spotlight on me

101 Series Lesson 127 – Songs About Musicians

Respect (r-e-s-p-e-c-t sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me) in the music business is hard to come by. You gotsta earn that, mang. Having someone cover your song is a sign . . . having someone write a song about you? Nothing says love more than having to get a […]