Deez Rhymes


Deez Rhymes Ep 14

It’s time for some new fools take you to the old skool. Balcony Radio is in full effect/affect, spinning two dozen dope ass jams. Pack that bowl and get ready for episode 14 of Deez Rhymes to spin your Kangol. Turn up the bass, turn down the lights and spin this. Stat.


Deez Rhymes Ep 13

Hip hop is for the people. But, you know . . . it’s not for everyone. In episode 13 of Deez Rhymes we spin the jams that will get heads bobbing no matter the crowd. Drop in and join us for 90 mins of jams even the haterz will luv. (I.e,, Anthony plays songs Scott […]


Deez Rhymes Ep 12

The sample is looping, the DJ is scratching and the crowd is ready. It’s time to step up to the mic for two hours of the illest old-school hip-hop your dome can handle. Here in episode 12 of Deez Rhymes we spin nothing but tracks that get heads bobbing and asses shaking. Keep the police […]

Wu Tang Kids

Deez Rhymes Ep 11: Eastside Beats

We here at The Balcony are strictly products of the West Coast. From the food we eat at Tommy’s, to the clothes we buy at Goodwill, to the hip-hop we listen to. It’s a party on the Pacific Coast. For episode 11 of our tribute to all good beats, Deez Rhymes, we begrudgingly give a […]


Deez Rhymes Ep 10

Awwright, Awwright!! Is this on? Test, Test! Yo yo yo! Awright awwright!! Everyone in? Alright, party people. Time to get in the house and move to some great beats and killer rhymes. It’s episode 10 of THE most awesome hip-hop show ever: Deez Rhymes. Miles of styles across the decades guaranteed to bring back and make memories. Don’t […]

Outkast is about to smoke this background

Deez Rhymes Ep 9 – Blunt-Friendly Jams

Alright alright alriiiiiiiiiiiiiight, you know what time it is. The mic is on, the turntable is spinning, the hype man has a towel on his shoulder and you just got handled a water bottle. It’s time for some serious fucking rhymes, son. In episode 9 of Deez Rhymes, we rock your dome with two dozen […]

You suck, in rhyme

Deez Rhymes Ep 8: Disssss Tracks

You know the rules . . . diss me and I diss you back. Someone drop a beat for me and give me some room to regulate every fool that steps to m-y mic. Woah . . . woah. We don’t know where that came from. Sorry! Listening to 2 hours of Diss Tracks on […]

Da Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

Deez Rhymes Ep 7 (Freestyle Jams)

Alright alright allllllllllllllright, now. It’s time for everyone to shut tha fuck up and sit tha fuck down, here’s episode 7 of Deez Rhymes – Freestyle in da hi-youse!  In the next one hundred twenty minutes, we drop beats stickier than the stickiest of the icky. Seriously, this show is flyer than Curtis Mayfield on a […]

You need beats

Deez Rhymes Ep 6: Beats By Dre

There’s Phil Spector. There’s Brian Wilson. There’s Berry Gordy. There’s George Martin. There’s Steve Lillywhite. There’s Daniel Lanois. There’s T-Bone Burnett. You know what else, motherfucker, there’s Dr. Dre. The premier hip hop producer of our time has thrown Nate Dogg on a lot of tracks . . . Pull up bluntside to episode 6 […]

Girls girls girls

Deez Rhymes Ep 5 (The All-Girrrl Show)

Neither the turntables or the mic are strictly a man’s domain. Sometimes the soft, well-manicured hands of a female MC can grip it and rip it. In episode five of our hip hop series Deez Rhymes, we hand it over to the ladies. Join us for a couple of hours worth of girlz wid attitude […]