Dusty Gems

Hasil Adkins

Dusty Gems Ep 14

Well, its that time again . . . we’re thumbing our ears down some of the more unknown highways and biways of music. Join us for episode 14 of Dusty Gems, our tribute to music makers who weren’t exactly world shakers. We’re spinning two dozen of the best songs you’ve never heard of by people […]


Dusty Gems Ep 13

Unfortunately, not every act gets to be a big, big star. The road to the top is paved with tons of careers of talented people that didn’t break through. Here in episode 13 of Dusty Gems, our tributes to forgotten singer-songwriters of yesteryear, we hand pick some of the best music you never heard. No […]


Dusty Gems Ep 12 – Tasty Obscurities

Every millennium or so major archives and libraries receive a little funding to hire hazmat teams to go through their rotting collections and organize and find lost items that would be beneficial to an eager public begging for knowledge. ¬†For ep 12 of Dusty Gems, our tribute to lost and obscure artists, we put on […]


Dusty Gems Ep 11: 90s/GEN-X One-Hit (Or Less) Wonders

Every generation produces their share of one-hit (or no-hit) wonders. The 90s were no different. In this episode of our forgotten songs and song-writers show Dusty Gems, we spin all the tunes you listened to during your flannel and Doc Martens phase. It’s all 90s forgotten alt-rock bands tonight — yup, all the songs that […]

Sibylle Lights Up

Dusty Gems Ep 10

There have been many singer/songwriters who have become very famous for their ability to pen a catchy tune. For every Young, Mitchell or Cohen there are a dozen names you’ve never heard. That’s where The Balcony steps in with Dusty Gems – a show specially designed to showcase the talents of those who were otherwise […]

Jonathan Richman will rock any room

Dusty Gems Ep 9

Cracks can get wide enough for some awesome people to slip through. Luckily, Balcony Radio is there with a big fucking net at the bottom. In episode 9 of Dusty Gems, we hold up some great lost artists to the spotlight before time forgets them forevah! Open up Wikipedia and Amazon in other windows and […]

Bert, Quit Smokin

Dusty Gems Ep 8

Not everyone gets to be Elvis, Bruce, Mick or Ringo . . . but, you know what, a cult following is nothing to sneeze at. Except in the cases of singer-songwriters like the ones in this show whose cult is so small they could all be sneezed on at once. Here’s Dusty Gems, the show […]

Rock and fucking roll

Dusty Gems Ep 7 (Modern Rock Sounds You Should Know)

Not everything that’s new is bad. We promise. Some of the new stuff rocks your balls off, too. Believe us. So, for episode 7 of Dusty Gems, we showcase contemporary bands and artists you don’t know (instead of old artists you don’t know, like we usually do). Take notes, we’re playing all the bands your […]

Metaphor Alert

Dusty Gems Ep 6 – Soft Rock Jams

The Music Machine is always at work . . . some cogs wind up not being necessary. The Machine spits them out. Carelessly. We at The Balcony believe those who got the shaft based on demographic research groups should sometimes get the spotlight, so we put together a little thing called Dusty Gems. Here in […]

Fuck Yeah, Johnny

Dusty Gems Ep 5

Great songs may come and go, but sometimes the best songs are the ones that have fallen just off the radar. Welcome to episode 5 of Dusty Gems – the show that re-calibrates the radar for a more powerful search. We have a bevy of great bands playing some deep grooves that could be called […]