punk baby

Embryonic Ep 14

It’s time to go back to before the egg. When a great idea is just a spark in the back of someone’s mind. We can’t answer the “which came first” question but we can listen to about 2 dozen sparks to find an answer. For episode 14 of Embryonic, we listen to early musical sculpturing […]


Embryonic Ep 13

One day, Zeus was sitting on a throne. He started getting a terrible headache. His skull split apart and out came Athena goddess of wisdom, arts, and war. It was pretty badass. Sometimes songs come out the same way. But, most times they don’t. Writing a song is work, son. In episode 12 of Embryonic, […]


Embryonic Ep 12

There has been much debate about how things begin. When does life begin? When does enlightenment begin? When does the next show begin? All very deep, philosophical questions that generate hours of argument. For episode 12 of Embryonic, our tribute to how things begin, we need a little less than two hours to hear how […]


Embryonic Ep 11: Classic Artists Before The Egg

It’s a long-asked question of how epics begin. They all begin with someone thinking about something that might be nothing, really, ya know . . . just an idea. Well, let’s give those little ideas a listen. For episode 11 of Embryonic, our tribute to the origins of tunes, we once again listen to the […]

Led Zeppelin Zepplin' Around

Embryonic Ep 10

Okay . . .by now you people should get it. There are things called songs. These songs are hard to make. They don’t just happen. They start out with a guy or a girl holding a pen while playing guitar or piano and they’re pissed at how it’s not going right. Then, months later, you […]

The calm before the song

Embryonic Ep 9

Songs are hard work, dammit. They just don’t happen. Any song starts with someone in a room with a guitar or a piano, a piece of paper, coffee, cigs, good dope, better booze and a dream, man. In episode nine of Embyronic, our testament to the demo, we play some amazing early sketches by your […]

Ozzie and Tony Writin

Embryonic Ep 8 – The Hall of Famers

It’s very easy to believe that every song happened magically – like it fell from Heaven, a perfectly formed gem from the gods. This is what the people of Rock ‘n’ Roll would like you to believe. And, you know, sometime that does happen. But, most songs start out as just an idea in someone’s […]

Jerry About to Melt His Face and Yours

Embryonic Ep 7

Rock and roll is work, dammit. Not every jam starts a fucking jam. All creative endeavors start in a more gelatinous form . . . In episode 7 of Embryonic, our testament to the demo, we look over the shoulders of giants and check out the songs you know by heart back when the writer […]

Song written

Embryonic Ep 6

Jimi Hendrix wrote “Purple Haze”. Was it always the great song it is now? um..Well..uh..maybe. Bob Dylan wrote “Ballad of a Thin Man”. Was it a stunning masterpiece from the first day? Uh..um, well,..it could’ve been. Be that as it may, lots of songs started life in a more simple version and needed to be […]

Is this one for Pixar

Embryonic Ep 5

Do you think songs just happen, man? Really? Seriously? No. They don’t. People slave over these things. We at the Balcony are very aware of the creative process (and how it’s a pain in the ass). So, we decided to do a show of nothing but demo versions of songs by all your favorite people. […]