Found Gems


Found Gems Ep 14

Every star has hits, but they also miss. A lot. You have to fill the album out–and you’re not going to write a dozen bangers, no matter who you are. In our show Found Gems episode 13, we pay tribute to the best obscurities in your favorite artists’ playlists. Give some love to the tunes […]


Found Gems Ep 12 – LIIIIIVE!!!!!

You know the drill . . . every show is the same. They play a half dozen favorites, a couple from the new album (i.e., bathroom/beer run time) and then another half dozen faves. Encore. Balcony Radio lives for that other part of the concert: your favorite act digging out a song they “haven’t played […]

zz rocks

Found Gems Ep 9

It’s time once again to re-live the days of AOR (Album-Oriented Rock). When a DJ would go exploring a little past the first two tracks on an album and see what else lurks a little closer to the label. In episode 9 of Found Gems, our tribute to tracks 3 through whatever on a vinyl […]


Found Gems Ep 11: R&B Crossover Artists

Top 40 radio in the 60s and 70s was a place where you could here a variety of styles and genres. Mostly, it was white rock and roll artists. But sometime there would be crossover from from other genres. For episode 11 of our tribute to the deep track in the middle of the record […]

hand with gems

Found Gems Ep 10

Back in the early days of Top 40 Radio, when an artist made an album the popular hit (or hits) was at the beginning of the record. The tracks that followed were usually the creation of the¬†staff songwriters and mostly forgotten about. With episode 10 of Found Gems we take our regular journey to the […]

Bonnie Teaching You Some Shit

Found Gems Ep 8

All singers are trying to have a hit with every song, but you know what . . . that’s impossible. Not every song is a hit, even the one’s that shoulda been. We at the Balcony consider tunes on side two of your favorite records Found Gems. In episode 9 we spin all the great […]

Lou is Art Now

Found Gems Ep 7

We at Le Balcony firmly believe in diggin’ deep. Deep into the ice cream carton. Deep into the pizza dish. Deep into the crate of records. Deep into the second side of albums. All your favorite artists and bands record an album of 12 songs and you know four by heart . . . what […]

Iggy Pop Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive

Found Gems Ep 6

Big stars have big hits, but sometimes they have big misses . . . Here at Balcony Radio we understand that not every effort is your best. Sometimes you just do ai’ight. What we also understand is that some people’s ai’ight is still pretty fucking brilliant. Join us for episode 6 of our testament to […]

Nick Drake is waiting for you to deal

Found Gems Ep 5

If you really sit down to think about it . . . every album/record/cd/whatever contains 11-14 songs. How many do you remember from each? Seriously, think about it. We’ll wait….We’ll wait more…..Balcony Radio is the type of place that mines through all the stuff you forgot about to bring you things that should stick with […]

Donovan is a fucking gypsy, mate

Found Gems Ep 4

Ty Cobb has the highest batting average in history: .365. That racist bastard failed six hundred thirty five times out of a thousand . . . songwriters hope to hit the same average . . . and usually don’t. Even your big stars have songs that don’t become hits. Most of the songs they write […]