Gimme Back My Song

bonnie the babe

Gimme Back My Song Ep 14 – Pop Favourites

Once you write a song, it doesn’t belong to you anymore. The Universe takes ownership. Sorry. On the bright side, The Universe lends songs out freely. And, you know what, some cover songs are freakin’ great. In this, episode 14 of Gimme Back My Song, we play the two dozen cover songs you’ll want to […]

joe c

Gimme Back My Song Ep 13

Writing songs is hard work. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to let someone else do it sometimes. Great singers know when to avoid the heavy lifting. For episode 13 of our cover song programme Gimme Back My Song, we spin all the best pilfered tunes we could snag. Hit that download button, accomplice.

45s scattered

Gimme Back My Song Ep 12

Copyright law can be a very complicated realm do business within. What actually is a violation of copyright and the ownership of intellectual property are topics best left to the people who make a lot of money in those industries. For episode 12 of our tribute to the cover version Gimme Back My Song it […]

rollins scream

Gimme Back My Song Ep 11

Lots of people write songs, but some people do it better than others. What do we do about it? Steal. Their. Tunes. Here in episode 11 of our cover song show Gimme Back My Song, we pay tribute to musical thievery. Join us for two hours of some of your favorite musical acts stealing songs […]


Gimme Back My Song Ep 10

Hey there gals, pals, gal pals and pals of gals . . . it’s time for a show. This week it’s episode 10 of our testament to cover tunes: Gimme Back My Song. Join us for a couple of hours of music that’s been stolen! Yes, STOLEN! Taken from it’s original recording artist and redone […]


Gimme Back My Song Ep 9

There are lots of great songs in this world. In their original form they are unique and represent a place in time for the composer and the listener. Years (or sometimes, days!) later, someone comes along and wants to do their own version of that song. In episode 9 of our cover versions show Gimme […]


Gimme Back My Song Ep 8

Alright alright alright . . . sit down everyone. Make a circle. You know what it’s time for? Some musical surprises! Here’s episode 8 of our all covers show Gimme Back My Song where we play a bunch of tunes you’ll be shocked your favorite singers sang way back when. We live in a world […]

The Deevlotion Has Begun

Gimme Back My Song Ep 7

Hey, you there . . . our name is Balcony Radio and we’d like you to get under some covers with us . . . cover songs! Please don’t throw that drink in our face! Pull up a stool and let us entertain you with some borrowed tunes. We call it Gimme Back My Song […]

Satan Controls This Hand

Gimme Back My Song Ep 6: Robert Johnson Covers

There are many artists who have had their catalogs covered over and over again. If there were a Top 5 of most covered artists Robert Johnson would probably be at the top. Anyone in the 60s who played guitar, played Robert Johnson. On episode 6 Of Gimme Back My Song we explore almost the entire […]

Freaking art

Gimme Back My Song Ep 5

Not everyone who writes the song HAS to sing the song . . . sometimes the baton is passed and maybe, just maybe, a song is sung better by a different voice. In Gimme Back My Song (Episode 5!) we prove that a song can be cared for by more than one set of vocal […]