High Tea With The Beatles


High Tea w/ The Beatles Ep 14 – The White Album Demos etal.

1968 was interesting time in Beatlemania. After breaking popular culture with Sgt. Pepper, they had to do something . . . So, they chose to fuck off to India and write 8 million songs in a month. In episode 14 of High Tea with the Beatles, we spin all the best demos and album tracks […]

paul and strings

High Tea With The Beatles Ep 13 – Freeform MopTops

They say classical music makes you smarter. We say the Beatles make you soulful-er. If you put the two together, that must be some serious stuff. In episode 13 of High Tea with the Beatles we spin some deep cuts and mix in the strings. This episode features selections from the orchestral side of “Yellow […]


High Tea With The Beatles Ep 12

The Beatles aren’t just the greatest band ever . . . they’re also four solid solo careers. John, Paul, Jorge y Ringo all had solo hits and released more material on their own than you know about. In episode 12 of High Tea With the Beatles, we put together a rather fine melange of solo and band […]


High Tea With The Beatles Ep 11 – Demos And Rarities

The Beatles did the one thing that every band needs to do: bust their asses in the studio. The Fab Four punched the clock and made music 9-5. But, songs just don’t happen. Each song is a project, from the initial idea to having George Martin punch it up to having Ringo counting it off. […]

Beatles backsides

High Tea With The Beatles Ep 10 (Album Tracks Again)

Once upon a time, The Beatles invented Pop Music and whole bunch of other genres. When they recorded a record it consisted of 14 songs – 7 Top Ten singles, 3 cover versions, 2 tracks by the other guys and 2 tracks to fill things out. Along came FM radio and then the 2 tracks […]

High Tea with the Beatles

High Tea with The Beatles Ep 9 – Solo Hits “Live”

One day, Orson Wells was sitting in a bar when someone walked up to him and asked, “So, what did you do after ‘Citizen Kane’?” One day, someone walked up to Paul McCartney and asked, “What was the name of the group you were in before Wings?” The moral of this story: don’t bug geniuses, […]

Fab Four Doing Nothing At Allllllll

High Tea with The Beatles Ep 8

They, who ever they are, say that one person can’t change the world. That’s probably true . . . but you know what? Four people working together can do some major shite. In episode 8 of our tribute to the Fabs (we call it High Tea with The Beatles), we dig into side two of […]

Beatles From Beetle View

High Tea With The Beatles Ep 7 (Beatles Doing Covers)

The Beatles are a band that had four frontmen . . .  and three songwriting brains (John & Paul, George and the two songs the drummer wrote). But, you know, sometimes the ol’ brain has to take five and let someone else’s song come through the amps. The Beatles covered eighty million songs. In this […]

GH Interview Dodging

High Tea with The Beatles Ep 6: The George Show

Only one of the Beatles achieved the state of pure bliss known as Nirvana. It wasn’t Ringo. In episode six of our tribute to Los Beatles, we let the Quiet One take center stage for more than two tracks an album . . . Enjoy the George Show. Pull up a hash cloud and listen […]

You took our fookin songs

High Tea with The Beatles Ep 5 (The Covers Show!)

The Guinness Book of World Records–the original internet–says that there are 3,000 recorded cover versions of “Yesterday” by The Beatles. That’s cool. We’re not playing any of them. Balcony Radio will now present to you two dozen Beatles tunes covered by people you may and mostly may not know. Take notes for further research . […]