Labor Day 2019 – Songs About Work

Gather ’round all working people, it’s time to clock out for a well earned three day weekend. Let Balcony Radio soundtrack your days off with our Annual Labor Day Show. In this episode, we spin two dozen of the best rock, pop, country and soul songs about w-o-r-k. Stick it to The Man and play […]

lp tree

BalconyRadio Christmas Party 2018

The bells are ringing . . . but you know what, the drums are pounding, the bass is thumping, and the guitar is twanging. That means it is time for your favorite thing: the 103rd Annual Balcony Radio Christmas Music Extravaganza. Join us as we take all the coal in the stocking and squeeze them […]

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HALLOWEEN!! 2018!! Music Party

OOOOOOOOHHHH!!! The Ghosts! The Goblins! The scary apparitions appearing in your windows! They’re all here tonight as BalconyRadio presents HALLOWEEN 2018 Music Party. We’ve got on our special costumes and we’re ready to appear at your door to SCARE you and rock you just a little bit. Our punch is spiked and our candy has […]


BalconyRadio 42nd Annual Christmas Special 2017 – At The Mall

This year has brought out of the humbugs, but BalconyRadio has the cure for that: stuffing your stocking with music. In our 37th Annual Christmas Pageant we spin only holiday jams that deserve to be wrapped and topped with a bow. Spike the nog real good and join your two favorite music elves up on […]

Rocks Skellies

Halloween Special 2017 – Scary As F**K!

Gather round all you goblins, Balcony Radio has all the music to get your black cat’s hair on end. It’s our favorite time of year . . . ghosts, witches, an excuse to eat fun sized chocolate by the fist full. Join us, if you dare, for our annual ghastly music soiree. Pour the absinthe, […]


BalconyRadio 79th Annual Christmas Special 2016

It’s that time of year once again. Stockings are stuffed, nuts are roasted and your hosts at Balcony Radio dust off the Christmas tunes. The holiday season is once again upon us. Though it’s been a rough year all around, we’ve still managed to find some musical goodies to share with you all. Pour some […]


Halloween Party 2016

Dance like your bones are out, kiddies! It’s time for another Halloween party from your ghoulish pals up on The Balcony. See the orange glowing light and the sound of screaming ghosts surround the punchbowl full of candy delights. Mainly chocolate, it’s all fresh and safe for your consumption. No razor blades in the sweet […]


Balcony Radio 88th Annual Christmas Extravaganza 2015

Well, it’s finally over! All the madness, the stupidity, the pushing, the shoving, the screaming, the tantrums, the . . . oh, wait! The holiday madness is still going on. Take a break from that with an annual tradition that will grow your heart three time its normal size. It’s time for the 88th Annual […]

This is not Phil Spector

The Halloween Spooooooky Songs Show 2014

Gather round all you ghoooooools, it’s time for you to get spooooooooked. Our favorite time of year has returned . . . Balcony Radio rises out of the most sincere pumpkin patch to give you all the scary songs you can shiver your skeleton bones at. Join us, if you dare, for a show that […]

The city belongs to Claus

The 61st Annual Balcony Radio Christmas Spectacular

The end of the year can mean many things: increased traffic, broken dreams, out-of-balance accounting ledgers, going to the gym to make up for the last 51 weeks of NOT going to the gym, and the endless and growing parade of Christmas-themed programming and music. These things go on for weeks. This year your hosts […]