Long Song Silver


Long Song Silver Ep 14

Sometimes, you know, man, sometimes you record an epic, man. You got so many emotions, a three minute pop song doesn’t have the time or brainpower to compute these feelings. I need an orchestra, three Tibetan spiritual advisors, a hectare of your finest Maui Waui and ten minutes plus of tape to make the greatest […]


Long Song Silver Ep 13

Do you ever say to yourself, “There aren’t enough hours in the day to get my SH!T done!”? Have you been waiting in line at the fast-food joint, waiting for your egg-thing sandwich, hearing a clock ticking the seconds away in your head? We completely understand and have created Long Song Silver, the program featuring […]


Long Song Silver Ep 12

Every once in awhile a person needs to take time to stretch out. For episode 12 of our tribute to the extended track of 10 minutes or more Long Song Silver we, once again, try to find some neutral ground between self-indulgent improvisation and self-indulgent wankery. Whether we cleanly strike the iron or completely miss […]


Long Song Silver Ep 11

Short songs are nice. You can fill vast amounts time with lots of them. Long songs, however, are just vast amounts of time filled with musical notes. For episode 11 of Long Song Silver we do what we usually do – sit down and listen to vast amounts of time. It’s not a pretentious walk […]


Long Song Silver Ep 10

Radio stations today aren’t interested in playing long songs. Some aren’t interested in playing songs at all but that’s neither here nor there. The point is 3-4 minutes is the maximum length of most music on the radio.┬áSo something needed to be done. With episode 10 of our salute to extended compositions of 10 minutes […]


Long Song Silver Ep 9

Sometimes, size does mean everything. It means pleasure. It means satisfaction. And sometimes, you want it to go on as long as possible. We at The Balcony believe in a full and complete experience that goes on until you’re fully satisfied. Long Song Silver is the show dedicated to a long, extended musical experience. All […]

The Full Transit Authority

Long Song Silver Ep 8

Sometimes you need a long and continuous period of time to think about everything and nothing. Or maybe you just want to rock non-stop without interruption by another song. Then you need episode 8 of Long Song Silver, a soundtrack of songs which run without need of stopping for a long time. The only time […]

My Morning Jacket in NOLA and you are not there

Long Song Silver Ep 7

Do you want to know who really loves long songs? Really, really, really loves them? The DJ. You put on “Stairway” or “Hotel De California” and the DJ has time to take a piss, smoke a cigarette and refill the coffee pot. Or you can play an extra long track just to fill airtime when […]

Dr. Z will see you now

Long Song Silver Ep 6

You know who really loves long songs? The DJ. The overnight guy puts on “Hotel California” or “The End” or “Stairway” because that gives him enough time to go take a leak and smoke a j. We at The Balcony want to continue said tradition. Here’s our sixth testament to songs over ten minutes, Long […]


Long Song Silver Ep 5

There have been many great pieces of music that been of great length. Gustav Mahler wrote symphonies that last over 2 hrs. And, course that “Ring Cycle” thing that goes on for a week. With Long Song Silver episode 5 the tracks we choose aren’t that immense. However, they are long enough to warrant their […]