Songs From The Yard

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Songs From The Yard Ep 14

Time to get on the train skaville, the real emerald isle — Jamaica. In episode 14 of Songs From the Yard, we spin twenty-two of the haziest jams the island could roll up and smoke. The soundtrack to the perfect afternoon of de-stressification has been located. Get comfortable. Stay hydrated.

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Songs From The Yard Ep 13 – “Live” Tonight!

These are the days when the sun is a little bit warmer and the days get a little longer. You need to have the continuous party mood living on into the night. For episode 13 of our tribute to the fine genre of Reggae we keep the party rolling along with some “live” Reggae music […]


Songs From The Yard Ep 12

It’s a nice time of year to book a very special cruise to some faraway islands. A place where the air has a special aroma, the trees sway a little bit slower and the sounds of one type of music is everywhere. That island would be Jamaica and the tunes courtesy of the genre know […]


Songs From The Yard Ep 11

Well, it’s time to roll up something special, settle in nice and comfy and find that good place in your head for a happy time. It’s time for Songs From The Yard our ┬átribute to the great genre of music known as Reggae. And Ska. And Dub. For episode 11 all of them describe the […]

The Ethiopians

Songs From The Yard Ep 10 – The 60s

It’s time, again, to travel to the greenish isle of Jamaica . . . and you don’t need a passport, just some headphones, rolling papers, and Balcony Radio. Join us as we praise Jah once again with episode 10 of our testament to reggae: Songs From the Yard. In this show, we dedicate a couple […]

Black Uhuru Enjoying the Sacrament

Songs From the Yard Ep 9 – Reggae Legends

Alight, Jah is in the house. And the house has a tin roof. It’s time for some reggae, people. It’s episode 9 of Songs from the Yard, our testament to the music of the emerald isle called Jamaica. In this installment we spin two hours worth of the dankest dub, rocksteady, dancehall, and ska you […]

reggae 5

Songs From The Yard Ep 8

There’s far too much that can be said for Reggae music that the only that we can do is just give you some really good tunes. For Episode 8 of Songs From The Yard we give you pop tunes, dank grooves and all the dub to smoke you under the table. Say no more. Time […]

You are welcome here

Songs From the Yard Ep 7

If you know someone who doesn’t like reggae music, give them this show. Seriously. If you know someone who’s a total dick and doesn’t like reggae music, give them this show. In episode 7 of our reggae testament Songs From the Yard we pull out all the stops and give you two hours of the […]

Lion Zion

Songs From The Yard Ep 6

Alright, people . . . it is time to get ourselves together. Look busy, man. Jah is coming. Here it is, episode 6 of our testament to the music of the island, Songs From the Yard. Roll up a spleef, crack that bottle of Red Stripe, it’s time for some fuckin’ reggae. You should probably […]

Reggae People Doing Reggae Things

Songs From the Yard Ep 5

Five hundred miles off the tip of the Florida Keys (on the other side of Cuba), is Jamaica, birthplace of a little something called reggae. Every once and a while we at The Balcony grab a trade wind and point our spliffs straight for Kingston. Join us for episode five of our testament to Jah […]