Nat the Man

Swingtime Ep 14 – “Live” Hepcats and Hepkittens

Alright, cats and kittens, time to plunk down your $1.25 for tickets to the best show of your young lives. Prepare to have your socks, shoes, stockings knocked off by your flipped wig. For episode 14 of Swingtime we’ve got two dozen of the jazziest Big Band-era crooners this side of the Western Front doin’ […]


Swingtime Ep 13

Before hitting on the one. Before there was a back beat you could blues. Before Elvis found a place to dwell. Before all that: it was Swingtime. In episode 13 of our testament to the best pre-rock music we can find, we spin 90 minutes of the best traditional pop, jazz, standards, and swing-a-ding-ding we […]


Swingtime Ep 12 – Big Band Time!

Ok, now, all you top cats and hot chicks! Time to get on down to the local armory and kick up your heels to some sweet big band sounds on Swingtime Ep 12. For this installment we get up close to the bandstand and listen to some of the biggest names in Swing. The crowd […]


Swingtime Ep 11

Ok, well, it’s that time of the evening, just after supper. Dad’s brought out his favorite wooden pipe and a bag of the freshest tobacco from the Rexall down the street. Mom’s mixing some martinis, Grandma’s got her knitting. And the kids? They’ve hopped the streetcar downtown to see a movie. Time now for the […]


Swingtime Ep 10

It’s time to listen to some big hits. The top songs from the days when your grandparents and great-grandparents, drank, smoked and had sex to over 70 years ago. It’s our tribute to the Great American song style of Swing. It’s Swingtime Episode 10 and for this installment we listen to the biggest favorites playing […]


Swingtime Ep 9 (“Live” Time)

It’s time now for some masterful singing from some masterful singers. They take it to all new levels by just stepping on a stage which is what they will do in this program. For episode 9 of our tribute to the Great American Songbook, Swingtime, we listen to some ‘live’ performances from the greatest singers. […]

Lady Day at Wooooork

Swingtime Ep 8: Ladies On The Bandstand

Yowsa, Yowsa, Yowsa! Hello there, friends and neighbors. It’s time to shine up that tux, put on those spats and grease back that hair. Let’s head over to the local armory for some dancing and singing guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’s our tribute to the Great American Songbook and the people […]

Pack of Rats

Swingtime Ep 7: The Rat Pack Show

We hate to tell you this, kids, but . . . your grandparents invented cool. They really did. Don’t argue. You’ve got Katy Perry and Gah-gah, they had . . . The Rat Pack. Say no more. In episode 7 of Swingtime, we mix the drinks and light the smokes and give you a couple […]

The Duke Is Conducting Shuddap

Swingtime Ep 6

Ok, ladies and gentleman. It’s time to shine up your shoes, paint your nails, get the tuxedo pressed, call the dressmaker to let out the waist and get ready for some really great music. It’s Swingtime episode 6 and we make a few smiles, shed a couple tears, and dance real close to each other. […]


Swingtime Ep 5

From Doris Day to Mel Torme, we at the Balcony are familiar with the Swingin’ side of life. Whether a well-sung melody, a jazzy orchestration or some serious be-boppin’, with Episode 5 of Swingtime we prove again that Swing music has got your soul, rock and all other musical needs covered. Add fedora and tuxedo, […]