Who exactly is Lindy and why is he hopping

Swingtime Ep 4

The Charleston, the Lindy Hop, the Jitterbug, the Hand Jive, the St. Louis Shag, the Fox Trot, the Jump and Jive . . . at the Balcony we know them all. We could totally open an Arthur Murray location right here in the studio if we got the mics out of the way. We might even […]


Swingtime Ep 3

We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but we here at the Balcony feel as though it’s our duty to inform you . . . your grandparents did it. They had sex. Lots of it. And when they did Nat, Frank, Dean, Ella, Bing and Johnny Mathis (most likely Johnny Mathis) were […]


Swingtime Ep 2

Whiffs of cigarette smoke drift upwards towards flickering electric lights and the bouncer is throwing out the next guy trying to find the way home. Deals in the back and drinks at the bar. You can hear this music playing in the background . . . Don’t forget, the password is “Swordfish.” We came this […]


Swingtime Ep 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, there comes a time in any respectable radio station’s programming when there must be a tip of the top hat and wave of a cane to some great tunes from the Great American Songbook and beyond. Dim the lights and mix the Manhattans. Extra dry.  We had too much fun listening . […]