The FreeSpace

This is how your radio works

The FreeSpace Ep 4

To be honest with you . . . being a d.j. is a small way to play god. When you control the airwaves you control . . . information. We, on the other hand, use our power for good: bringing you all music to rock your ass right there in your swivel chair. Every once […]

These all go to 13.

The FreeSpace Ep 3

Sometimes, man, sometimes, you know, you just gotta lie on the floor and put on some headphones and drift away, man, you know . . . join us, will you, for our third attempt at late-nite let the dj pick ’em broadcasting: The FreeSpace. In this show we sit down for two hours of songs […]


The Free Space Episode 2

The best thing about freeform radio of the 60s and early 70s was that the DJs could play anything they wanted. The music drove the program in any direction. The Free Space is the program that does that on The Balcony . . . and in Episode 2 we play whatever we want and where […]


The FreeSpace Ep 1

The first of our adventures in to freeform radio. In this episode, we play whatever the hell we want. What other show will play the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and the Sex Pistols within half an hour? Be a cool person. Buy some music. Click on the link below to check out the songs we played in […]