Time For Bob


Time For Bob Ep 14 – Deep Stuff

Bob Dylan has released 8,000,000 records over the last two hundred years. There’s so much music. Dare we say . . . too much music. Balcony Radio can only do our duty and pay respect to The Bob himself. It’s episode 14 of Time For Bob. Join us as we dip our toe into the […]

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Time For Bob Ep 13

Many artists in this world have very large catalogs of music to wade through. Some so large that it would take a lifetime to even scratch the surface to fully appreciate. Others you can get through in a pack of Marlboro Reds. Others deserve a regular show to fully appreciate the deeper tracks of said […]


Time For Bob Ep 12 – Duets

If you’re Bob Dylan and have been touring since the last ice age, you’re bound to run into some other musicians on the road. Or, every musician worth note in the past half century, in Bob’s case. Join us for ep 12 of Time for Bob, where the Man shares the Mic. In this program […]


Time For Bob Ep 11 – “Live” Stuff

Bob Dylan learned to play guitar by plucking the twigs from a tree felled by lightning. His guitar pick is an albino alligator’s molar. Bob’s first concert was in a tent in Lower Mongolia. (Genghis asked for a second encore!!) In episode 11 of Time for Bob, we play songs plucked like hairs from Alfred […]

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Time For Bob Ep 10 (The 90s)

Time now for Part 2 of our 75th Birthday tribute to the Z-Man with episode 10 of Time For Bob we take a look and listen at his work in the 1990s. There were fewer records in this decade but there were still some pretty good songs and we found a whole lot of great […]


Time For Bob Ep 9 – The 80s

Some decades are good for some artists and a little ugly for others. For Bob Dylan there were a few gems in a sea of sketchiness. As Zimmy turns 75 this year we take a two-part look at the closing decades of the 20th Century for His Royal Bobness beginning with episode 9 of Time […]


Time For Bob Ep 8 (The Bootleg Series Highlights)

Bob. Bob. Bob. In episode 8 of our tribute to The Man, we take a walk through The Bootleg Series releases and pick up some winners to share. The man’s misses are more interesting than most people’s hits. Join us as we traverse the 11-Volume Bootleg Series to make our own collection that saves you […]

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Time For Bob Ep 7 (Dylan in the 70s)

From 1970-79 a man named Bob Dylan made a LOT of music. Some people like most of it, a few people like a lot of it and most people just liked “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” We, at the Balcony, have decided to focus on the better part of Dylan’s 70’s material for episode 7 of […]

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Time For Bob Ep 6

Bob. Dylan. B-o-b D-y-l-a-n. We don’t like to throw the word genius around–because we’re not dicks–but, seriously. It fits here. Snugly. Join us for episode six of our testament to the best thing Minnesota gave the world: Time For Bob. In the next two hours we encounter Napoleon dressed in robes, Einstein disguised as Robin […]


Time For Bob Ep 5

So, what do you do when you’re the greatest songwriter ever and your record contract dictates that product must come out? You cover songs. Everyone does it, why not Bob? Here in our fifth episode of our tribute to Mr. Z, Time For Bob, we focus on the tunes that influenced the great man enough […]