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X-Chromosome Ep 14 – New Wave and Punk Chix

When times are tough and everything seems to be heading straight to Hell it usually means some MAN is in charge. The only way to get things done right is to let the ladies step up and hold court. For Ep 14 of our women’s showcase, X-Chromosome, we welcome two dozen rockin’ chix from Punk […]


X-Chromosome Ep 13

And now we come to the end of another round of shows. Where better to finish than Girl World? It’s episode 13 of X Chromosome, our testament to songs performed by the ladeeeeez. We’ve got two dozen pop, rock, jazz, soul, and country songs classed up by the dame on the mic. Or sassed up […]


X-Chromosome Ep 12 – Ladies Of Now

This generation doesn’t have an MJ, a Springsteen or a Jagger . . . but it does have a St. Vincent, a Lorde, a Courtney Barnett and multiple gals named Haim. Sounds like a good trade off to us. It’s once again ladies’ night on the Balcony, where we spin two dozen songs from the […]


X-Chromosome Ep 11 – Ladies of Soul

A woman stands at a microphone. Her hair is a perfectly constructed architectural wonder held together by bobby pins and aerosol spray. The dress she is poured into was starched stiff this afternoon. Stage lights flare. The band starts. Soul comes from her throat. Pure soul. In episode 11 of X-Chromosome, we sit back and […]


X Chromosome Ep 10: Ladies Who Went Solo

For every Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, or Sting, there’s a Gwen or a Bjork . . . singers who left a bunch of scrubs behind for a big-ass solo career. Remember, Beyonce was in a group. Do you remember their name? No. You don’t. In episode 10 of X Chromosome, or testament to […]

Alison Goldfrapp is the Pack Leader

X-Chromosome Ep 9

Man, women are always making a lot of freaking noise. All day long with their guitars and drums and basses and keyboards and shit. They’re keeping up the neighbors. Oh, fuck it! Let them make noise! In episode 9 of X-Chromosome, our testament to female-centric music, we spin some damn jams featuring current sounds, classic […]

Lorde Is Cooler Than You Will Ever Be

X-Chromosome Ep 8: Modern Chix Take 2

You know who can make a goddamn racket? Women, that’s who. With their guitars and their drums and their basses and their keyboards. Frick. The only thing we at Le Balcony could think of doing is giving them their own show. Feminism, man . . . In episode 8 of X Chromosome we sit at […]

Annie Is Busy Now

X Chromosome Ep 7 (Contemporary Ladies)

We at The Balcony have been accused of being belligerent fogeys . . . always playin’ that long haired dude rock from the 70s. Well, maybe that’s right. Sorry. Can we make it up to ya? How about we spend two hours playing nothing but awesome ladies who are on college radio now? Would that […]

Dusty Is Not Having It Any Of It

X Chromosome Ep 6

Oh, what a wonderful time of year it is! One would typically say that “Spring is in the air”. However, we here at The Balcony prefer the wild call of “Ladies in DA HOUSE!”. The ones who are truly in charge step into the studio for episode 6 of our women’s showcase X Chromosome. We […]

Dinah Washington belting your soul

X Chromosome Ep 5

Biologists say that at the moment of conception we are all born female. 53% remain that way. We at The Balcony are 47%ers. But we know how to admire a woman’s work. For Episode 5 of X-Chromosome, our show dedicated to songs sung by women, we jump the genres for a variety sounds¬†emanating from the […]