Sock Rockin’ Beats


Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 14

When somebody says “It’s time to rock” there should be the distinct understanding that walls will crumbled, faces will melt and the surrounding environment will become filled with screams. For episode 14 of Sock Rockin’ Beats we throw down the gauntlet and play music that will destroy the house, shatter eardrums and cause serious mayhem […]

The Runaways performing at CBGB in New York City on August 2, 1976.
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Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 13

You know what time it is. It is time to r-a-w-q. It’s episode 13 of Sock Rockin’ Beats and we have a pallet of ear crunchers to deliver to your brainz. This week we make it a “live” gig as we head to the stages of the world. Join us for two hours of songs […]


Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 12 – The ’80s

The 80s are known for many things: MTV, spandex, that blotch on Gorby’s head, Madonna, the Moonwalk, malls, cocaine, and New Coke. In episode 12 of Sock Rockin’ Beats we prove that maybe the 80s should be known for r-a-w-q. The decade gets a bad rap, but we dig out 2 dozen of the most […]


Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 11

Good rockin’ comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, sounds, attitudes and beliefs. For episode 11 of Sock Rockin’ Beats, our tribute to the form of music known as RAWK, we stick our ears into a melange of tunes, aim for the walls, fling, and see what sticks. For our efforts we get a wide range […]

Cornell surf

Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 10 (Rockin’ The 90s)

Around 1991, Rock And Roll turned in its Aquanet for flannel and the world was a better place. Here in Episode 10 of Sock Rockin’ Beats, we pay tribute to all the great Clinton-era tunes that soundtracked your trip to the mall. Put your beeper away and tie your hair in a scrunchy before headbanging, […]


Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 9

There comes many times in one’s life when all you want to do is rock. All you want is rock – all you do is rock – all you’ve got to have without question or reservation is rock, Rock, ROCK! For episode 9 of Sock Rockin’ Beats that’s all there is – 2 hours of […]


Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 8: F’N METAL!!

It’s always fun to smash things – take a big piece of furniture in your hands and just break it for no reason other than to mess up the place. We have just that activity in mind and there is only one type of music to listen to when you’re destroying your apartment – Heavy […]

Humble Pie Pop

Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 7

It’s time to nail down your lava lamp . . . we’re about to rock your fucking house off the foundation. In Episode 7 of Sock Rockin’ Beats we set aside two hours of our lives to pummel your eardrums and annoy the neighbors. YOU’RE FUCKING WELCOME!!¬†Where is our thank you? (Hint: the best thank […]

Eleven, One Higher

Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 6

Alright, jerks. You know what it’s time for. Oh, you don’t? Then, get the fuck out . . . It’s time for Sock Rockin’ Beats, our tribute to ringing ears and sprained necks. This is the sixth time we’ve done it. And by done it we mean play all the songs that will have the […]

These Socks Are Rocked Off

Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 5

Do you ever get the urge to just go through your music collection and put together a mix tape of all the hardest rockin’ songs you can think off? It doesn’t matter how many time you’ve heard it you just want it in the mix again? That’s what we usually do on Sock Rockin’ Beats. […]