Soulville Ep 14

Time to get a little rhythm in your blues or a little blues in your rhythm. It’s episode #114 of Soulville, our testament to the music of Stax, Atlantic, Motown and the coolest places in between. We’ve got 90 minutes of the silkiest crooners, sweaty belters, pop and lockers and sequined divas of the 60s […]


Soulville Ep 13 – “Live” From The 70s

Rhythm is okay on it’s own. Blues has done pretty good for itself. When you put them together, however, you get something special: SOUL! In episode 13 of Soulville we save up our nickels and dimes for tickets to the best r&b concert you never heard. This week we focus on live music of the […]


Soulville Ep 12 – The 50s

Once again, it’s time to fill up your tank with soul. In episode 12 of Souville, we testify to some of the best r&b that ever got pressed to wax. This week, we spin a mix-tape worth of the best 50’s movers, shakers, weepers and make out starters we could find.


Soulville Ep 11

If there’s one thing Balcony Radio is know for it’s having a big goddamn soul. Really big. Big enough to probably have to get a check-up. But, instead of that, we’re just going to spin you some of the best r&b jams you’ve ever heard. In episode 11 of Soulville, we dig way deep in […]

So Wright!

Soulville Ep 10

There are a many great moments in soul and R&B music mostly created by larger and more familiar labels like Motown, Stax and Okeh. Sometimes, it’s best find a dusty, old crate in an obscure little record store and just start digging for vinyl. For episode #10 of our tribute to the great gems of […]

Staples are Singers

Soulville Ep 9

It’s time to put together a new mix tape. That time of the week when you want to find something a little different that brings together deep tracks and old faves. For episode 9 of Soulville we take a somewhat experimental journey for this week’s collection. There are some unusually deep tracks that may be […]

And tickets were like a nickel

Soulville Ep 8: Brown-Eyed Soul

Music is the language of the soul and tonight it’s rolling it’s Rs. One of the Spanish words for “soul” is Alma. That’s a girl’s name. Hispanic people get the math of: Girl + (Pleasure)/(Pain) = Soul. In episode ocho of Soulville we spin the lowrider jams to soundtrack a cruise down Whittier Blvd. So, put your […]

Ruth Brown Can Get It

Soulville Ep 7

You know what you people? Soul! Deeeeeep soul. Deep, sweet soul. Dammit. In episode 7 of Soulville, we give it to you baby, for like an hour and a half. (Or an hour forty minutes, really. Not to brag.) So, pull up some silk sheets over your fine-ass self and let us wash some soul […]

Gap Band Not Plugged In

Soulville Ep 6: The Funk Show

Funk comes in many guises. A smokey room. Bad cooking. Smelly socks. All funky. Our preferred method of receiving the funk: bass guitar. In episode 6 of Soulville we balance on some serious platforms and stomp the serious funk into your brainbox. If we can get it through your ‘fro . . . Prepare to […]


Soulville Ep 5 (Blue Eyed Soul Show)

We at the Balcony are pretty fond of three things: peace, love and soul. (Four if you count BLTs.) It’s time for episode five of Soulville, our show dedicated to music of the heart and the spine and the guts. In this installment we prove that white people got rhythm by playing you a couple of […]