The FreeSpace

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The FreeSpace Ep 14

Hello travelers, your ears are in good hands. It’s time for The FreeSpace, our testament to the fargone days of an ancient curiosity known as the radio deejay picking his/her own music. A small 105 min batch of the best rock, pop, and soul have been hand-picked for your studio-to-ears experience. This episode pairs well with […]

2 drummers

The Free Space Ep 13

Hey! You! Yeah. You. The one that needs to hear good music. We got something for ya. It’s called 111 mins. of the best music you’re going to hear all week. It’s called the Free Space and for episode 13, we packed a can of two dozen earworms from several genres for your tympanic membranes […]

cate lebon

The Free Space Ep 12

The best kind of music is the kind that’s hand-picked. We at Balcony Radio provide some small patch of quality music listening on the regular, but this show is some special stuff. Here is our testament to old school FM radio: The FreeSpace. For episode 12, one dj picks half the songs, the other dj […]


The Free Space Ep 11

Once upon a time there was an entertainment medium called RADIO. In this medium were many things – drama, comedy, gameshows and programs for the young-ins. Over time RADIO changed and, suddenly, people were playing all kinds of weird music. And they were playing what they liked in any order they wished. This show, The […]


The Free Space Ep 10

In those days before four companies owned every radio station on the dial, the DJ was in charged. Back then, the songs were picked by an actual person instead of an algorithm. Since Balcony Radio is run by a couple of DJ types, we find it fitting to pay homage to the radio of yesterday: […]

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The Free Space Ep 9

Freeform radio programming is a sort-of lost art form. It began as a way to fill airtime when there were no commercials or the DJ had something else better to do like smoke a joint. It also was meant as a good way for the DJ to play music as the mood would take him. […]

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The FreeSpace Ep 8

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And we’re back. People of Earth, do not be afraid, but Balcony Radio has returned to save your ears from the mundane music you always listen to. In our taking back of the airwaves we’ve brought you episode 8 […]


The FreeSpace Ep 7

Not to surprise you, but . . . Balcony Radio is a small operation. Two mics. One mixing board. Three computer screens. One phonograph. One cat. Forty-five hundred LPs. Four thousand CDs. We play music. This show is called The FreeSpace. In two hours we play a bunch of stuff that we picked out for […]

Earth Tones

The FreeSpace Ep 6

Sometimes, man . . . sometimes, you know, man, you gotta . . . you know, trust the DJ. You gotta let someone else drive the car once in a while. Turn the GPS off, man. We at The Balcony got it covered, we’ll chauffeur you around the musical universe without leaving the comfort of […]

Somewhere in Los Angeles

The Free Space Ep 5

Like the center of a Bingo card, The Free Space helps complete things. It can go in any direction, add up to any amount, and say anything it wants. So we explore that philosophy on this program of the same name. This is episode 5 of the show that can go off in one direction […]