This Pill Makes You Small

i am a butterfly

This Pill Makes You Small Ep 14 – Hippiez in Luv

Balcony Radio is down with free love, man. And woman. And everyone in between. In episode 14 of This Pill Makes You Small, we spin all the hippiest love songs we could find. In the Summer of Love you didn’t just lie in the tall grass, you roll around in it. Join us for two […]


This Pill Makes You Small Ep 13

Everyone once in a while, you trip over a mushroom in a field. It happened to us and we found two dozen trippy-ass songs. They had spores all over them. We touched the spores. We can’t feel our fingers. We listened to these songs. We can’t feel our ears. There are sounds in the colors […]


This Pill Makes You Small Ep 12

The Cosmos can be a very interesting place to explore. Lots of of stars and planets and invisible electric fields. You can add lots random space junk that comes floating by every rotation or two. Episode 12 of This Pill Makes You Small can be used as a trippy soundtrack to bopping around your local […]


This Pill Makes You Small Ep 11 – TX Psych-Out

Howdy there, pardners. It’s time for the old Balcony Radio weekly music round-up program on your internet dial. This week, we head on down to big hat territory for the druggiest music west of the Pecos. Some funny looking plants grow out there among the sage brush . . . and when you kick up a cow patty, […]


This Pill Makes You Small Ep 10 – International Psychedelia

Some might believe that the exploration of inner-space and the fractional parts therein begin with Albert Hoffman in Switzerland in 1938. Or perhaps with hippie culture of the 1960s. It began with a little spore growing wild in a field in Turkey about 1500 years ago. For episode 10 of our tribute to psychedelic musics […]

Head, man

This Pill Makes You Small Ep 9

Okay pals and gals, it’s time to pull up a cloud and drift off to the land of psychedelia. It’s episode 9 of our testament to the Summer of Love – This Pill Makes You Small. Join us, if you dare (and you do), down a crooked path that leads to the center of your own goddamn […]

This is your body on rock and drugs

This Pill Makes You Small Ep 8

Well, it’s time to go zooming into the ozone, taste the clouds and tongue kiss the stratosphere. Book a flight to forever as it’s time for This Pill Makes You Small, our look and listen to psychedelia in all its forms. For episode 8, we suggest you ingest whatever assistance needed to fully envelope yourself […]

Music of the univeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerse

This Pill Makes You Small Ep 7 ~ More International Psychedelia

So, around 1967 the entire world seemed to take a lot of drugs and start making weirder music. It was great. (One of the few things people world-wide can agree on is that taking drugs and making music is a good time.) In episode 7 of This Pill Makes You Small, we track down our […]

Mother Earth is Baked

This Pill Makes You Small Ep 6 ~ International Psychedelia

A few things are universal . . . Every culture is into food, sex, drugs and music. We’re going to focus on three – and we’re not hungry yet. In episode 6 of our psych show “This Pill Makes You Small” we appropriately take a few trips for some international psychedelia. It’s a fairly safe bet that much […]

Your brain smokes your brain when you smoke your brain

This Pill Makes You Small Ep 5

We hope you figured out how much of the potion to drink to get through the door, it’s time for some psychedelic music. Here, friends, is episode five of our tribute to music best enjoyed floating two feet off the ground, This Pill Makes You Small. In this sojourn, please do try to keep up […]